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Inclusive, Humane, Empathetic Design.
By Kiki Bryant

About Me
UX/UI Designer, Full Stack Designer

  • Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady ^_^ (My currrent apartment doesn't allow pets)
  • I once hosted an episode of Adobe Live (it was kinda a big deal)
  • Pizza enthusiast (pineapple pizza judgment passer)
  • Amateur social anthropologist, which is a far cooler and tactful term than "people watcher" or "nosey neighbor"
    I am a "Full Stack Designer"

    A full stack designer (not to be confused with the full stack developer) is a person who masters multiple design disciplines that they can use to fully conceptualize and/or render a full design system or product. Paired with my entrepreneurial spirit, this means that I can help you design almost anything.

    I Don't Just Design Beautiful Things; I Design Ethical, Humane Experiences

    My strengths as a visual and empathetic designer shine when I am crafting user experiences and designs that are beautiful, easy to navigate, and fulfill user needs; both visually and emotionally.
    Over time, as a designer, I've learned that people just don't want beautiful design- they want designs that communicate and invoke emotions within them.

    Design that connects with users, invokes emotion, and is easy for users to recognize is my strength. Connecting with users emotionally, centering their needs, and creating products that fulfill those needs is my primary goal and aim in everything that I create, whether it is a logo, wireframe, prototype, or a WordPress website.

    Motivated by the incredible power that STEAM has to drive social progress, I infuse empathy and social awareness into my design process.

    This allows me the unique ability to create more culturally sensitive and inclusive products for all users. I use my prior professional experiences as a product manager, brand strategist, and graphic designer to design innovative, inclusive experiences that center the expressed desires of users—especially demographics typically underrepresented in user research.

    My business is named Aanu because it is an apt summation of the driving factor of my journey as a creative professional. As an LBGT+ black woman, providing representation and more diverse voices into tech is my primary motivation. Aanu is a Yoruba word that loosely translates to "empathy". Empathy is at the heart of everything that I design, whether I'm centering user needs or client needs.

    My Formal Education

    User Experience Design Immersive

    General Assembly Seattle
    Graduation: June 2020

    Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate

    eCornell University
    Graduation: December 2020

    BS- Marketing Management

    General Assembly Seattle
    Graduation: June 2022

    My Design Values



    the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

    In a design context, empathetic design considers and takes on the feelings of users when iterating concepts for adjustment to products and experiences- especially digital experiences. As an empathetic designer, I research, synthesize, and create what users need.

    I became a designer when I noticed that designs that centered users like me didn't exist. So I dared to start creating it. 5 years later, that spirit of inclusion and representation is still an integral part of my design motivation and vision.

    Tech has been notoriously exclusive of women and certain demographics of POC. I became the representation that I felt I lacked and I consider and infuse the needs of users that are typically underrepresented in all of my designs.


    I believe that tech has great power. It is a tool, but it is a tool that can be used for great good or to create and perpetuate inequity. I am driven by the power that tech has to change the world around us and envision and create a better world for all.

    Tech is typically viewed as inhuman, but I disagree. I believe that tech is very human. It is the result of human ingenuity and the desire to solve complex problems. Tech, like humanity, is complex. There's good and bad, but overall there's mostly good. I believe in using tech to highlight and aid the good.

    Do you want to infuse empathy, humanity, and inclusiveness into your designs? Let's work together.

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