Writing was the first artform I fell in love with, with drawing following behind. Writing a children’s book is the most sensical way to fuse the two artforms.

Growing up, reading was my escape.

I would crawl into the world of a book and stay there. I would get so lost in books I could finish 700+ page long novels by the time that I was in the third grade. Teachers would bring retired textbooks to help satsiate my thirst for learning. I could read at a high school level by third grade.

Being well read and very intuitive, I couldn’t help but notice that while there were some great books with characters like me, there was not nearly as much representation as other groups. I wanted to create the representation I felt I was lacking growing up and make her fun, colorful, and inquisitive like myself and my own daughter.

This project was intended to provide users who may struggle with finding accessible, reliable health information and preventative services resources a reliable, one stop shop. This was a very research intensive project with most of the copy editing being completed by CHET’s team and organized, designed, and placed into a WordPress site by myself.

Project Details

Project Outcomes

Crafting a Visual Design

I Wrote, lllustrated, and Published “Lollipop Lola and the Power of Yet” in just a single week.

It started with a simple hand drawing.

I started sketching on a Sunday night in April 2020, hoping to refamiliarize myself with sketching on paper. Over the years, as my process became increasingly digital, I’ve lost some of my touch with hand drawing. This project didn’t help me to reclaim any of my mojo, but it did stroke a creative firestorm of an amazing character concept.


Paper Line Sketch


Digital Line Sketch


Full Color Concept


Logo Concept

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