Aanu means EMPATHY.
Empathy is at the heart of everything that I design.

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Hi' I'm Kiki.
And I love design.


I specialize in:

Visual design is all around you and those designs are communicating with you- consciously and subconsciously, directly and indirectly, emotionally and mentally. What messages do you wish to communicate with your target demographic? Are they achieved or achievable with your current branding?
Whether intentionally or unintentionally, your visuals are saying something to those that encounter them. Be intentional about your design strategy.
Logos are some of the easiest ways to communicate with consumers. I will design you a logo and other graphics that INTENTIONALLY communicate your desired messaging beautifully.
Do you like this website?
Is it easy to navigate?
What would you change about it if you could?
How can I improve your experience?
User experiences are created every time a user interacts with a product or service and the way that users access those products and services is key to user retention.
From researching, testing, and iteration, to prototyping and wireframing, to development and launch- I can aid you in crafting an experience that users will love using EMPATHY.
"Branding is the art of differentiation".
How are your products and services different from other products and services? What is the unique value that you offer to your consumers? Is that communicated with consumers visually or is it ambiguous? Branding is much more than a logo. It is an identity that makes you different from others in your industry and invokes emotions in your consumers.
Together, we can create a unique, consistent brand that builds trust and awareness and users and makes them want to learn more.
Wordpress is the world's most well-known content management system. With Wordpress, technical know-how, and design prowess, I can create you a beautiful, responsive site that connects with your target demographic.
All of my websites are equally as beautiful and responsive on mobile devices as they are on desktops and laptops. All of my websites are SEO optimized and include a demo of how to manage and create your own content moving forward with the design system I've created for you
When paired with branding services- My website design services can give startups a leg up in creating a functional digital home that users will recognize as professional and secure- building trust with your site visitors.
I published my first children's book "Lollipop Lola and the Power of Yet" this year. Lollipop Lola was my first foray into children's book writing and illustration. I am happy to offer illustration services in my own style or in a style the author prefers.
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